Double Glazed UPVC Doors

Need the best solutions for double-glazed windows in Melbourne?

Double Glazing Melbourne are proud suppliers of our unique Australian Made Double Glazed Doors. Windows & Doors are a major construction element of any home and should be carefully considered when building a new build, renovating your home or simply upgrading old single glazed doors. With our solutions for double-glazed doors, you can make your home energy efficient while experiencing unmatched comfort, warmth, and security. We are a leading double glazing doors supplier and offer options in different styles and finishes. We can also assist you with double-glazed glass doors. Whether you require uPVC double-glazing doors or have some other specific need, we have you covered. Connect with us to discuss your needs for double-glazing doors and we will help you make an informed choice.

Windows & Doors are fundamental when it comes to supplying light and ventilation to the home. They are also essential when it comes to ensuring a watertight weather seal, securing your home and so much more.

UPVC Double Glazing Doors

UPVC Double Glazing

Want to experience the benefits of double-glazed uPVC doors?
When compared to Single Glazing, Double Glazed Doors from Double Glazing Melbourne provide excellent thermal efficiency, by reducing external heat entering the home during Winter and cool air leaving the home during Summer. This reduces the cost in running expensive air conditioning units excessively, as the home will be more Energy Efficient and maintain a stable temperature throughout the year. UPVC Double Glazed Doors from Double Glazing Melbourne are among the most Thermal & Energy Efficient, available here in Australia. Double Glazing products from us are on average 70% more Thermally Efficient than single glazed Windows.
Non UPVC Doors Single Glazing Doors

Non UPVC Doors Single glazed Doors do not provide adequate Thermal and Sound insulation for Australian conditions and environment. They also lack considerably when it comes to Security, Sound & Energy Efficiency.

Ultimate Security UPVC Double Glazed Doors

Our UPVC Double Glazed Doors have a multi locking system which makes them among the most secure doors available. Doesn’t matter weather it is a regular hung door, patio door or sliding door, UPVC Doors are an exceptional deterrent for would be criminals.

Noise Reducing UPVC Double Glazing

Yet another advantage to having Double Glazing Melbourne install your new UPVC Doors, is the reduction in Intrusive External Noise. Noise such as traffic, barking dogs or excessively loud neighbours can be reduced by up to 70% compared to traditional single glazed windows.

Australian Manufactured

Every Window & Door we supply is Manufactured here in Australia to the Highest Australian Standards, and customised to meet your requirements and deal with our harsh Australian Climate. We have a variety of designs and opening styles to suit almost every design or requirement in any Australian home. All our Double Glazed Windows & Doors are available with Fly Screen options, unlike the majority of our competition.

High Performance Australian Doors

Don’t be fooled by cheap (or even expensive) imports. Double Glazing Melbourne supply Australian Manufactured Windows & Doors suitable for our climate. European and Chinese imports are not stable when it comes to the harsh Australian sun and are known to fade or discolour after a short period of time. Our products are tried and tested throughout Australia from Melbourne to North Queensland and our reviews speak for themselves.

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With a factory here in Australia we can deliver on our promises FAST. We also Design & Build to the Highest Australian Standards, ensuring our product is fit for the harsh Australian Climate! We understand our customers’ needs and always deliver a service unmatched from Quality of Product to Aftercare throughout Melbourne & Victoria.

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Check out all our latest projects by reviewing our UPVC Double Glazed Windows & Doors Gallery page. Here we showcase all our recent projects, to help our clients decide on colours, style and more. It is also a great reference as to the quality of our workmanship!